PeerCall Network Card USB Adaptor User Manual

Users Manual ---- PeerCallTM USB Adapter  
USB Adaptor  
PeerCall International Inc.  
Users Manual ---- PeerCallTM USB Adapter  
Welcome to PeerCall USB Adaptor  
1.1 Summary  
PeerCall USB Adaptor is a convenient, effective, and easy-to-use device for everyday  
voice communication. User can switch between an Internet phone (VoIP) and a  
regular phone simply by pressing *key. It provides not only the great convenience  
but big cost savings as well.  
1.2 Features  
1. Receive both PeerCall and PSTN calls.  
2. PC-to-PC, Phone to Phone operation.  
3. Plug-and-play installation, USB1.1 compatible, no need for sound card.  
4. Echo cancellation, noise reduction.  
5. Full duplex communication.  
1.3 System Requirements  
1. Pwith 200 MHz CPU or better with USB interface.  
2. 64MB of RAM.  
3. 10MB or more hard disk space.  
4. Operating System: Windows 2000/XP  
5. Network: LAN, ADSL, ISDN, 33.6K modem or better  
6. PeerCall WIN pre-installed  
PeerCall International Inc.  
Users Manual ---- PeerCallTM USB Adapter  
How to use the PeerCall USB Adaptor  
2.1 Connect USB Adaptor to PC  
Connect USB Adaptor to PC, POWER indicator will be on.  
Connect telephone line from the wall outlet to "LINE" port.  
Connect Phone set to "TELport.  
2.2 Run PeerCall WIN  
PeerCall WIN shows a dialog indicate device is connected successfully.  
2.3 Channels Switch  
You can press *to switch PSTN channel to USB channel or switch USB channel to  
PSTN channel.  
2.4 Make calls through USB  
Input number and call out:  
Press *to change to USB channel, the "USB" indicator is on. Press PeerCall  
number on the phone keypad, this number will be shown on PeerCall WIN  
window, then press #to call out. When you hang-up, the USB Adaptor switch  
to PSTN channel automatically.  
2.5 Make calls through PSTN (Phone to Phone)  
Press the regular phone number, then press #to call out.  
For example: to call 800-123-4567  
Operation: Input the number 8001234567, then press #to call out.  
2.6 Answer a call  
When a call (can be either PeerCall or PSTN) comes in, the phone is ringing, pick up  
handset or press handfree key to answer the call.  
2.7 Adjust options (default channel)  
Set the default channel and sound card settings in the Options, as shown:  
PeerCall International Inc.  
Users Manual ---- PeerCallTM USB Adapter  
2.8 Adjust Volume  
Please execute the Control Panel->Sounds and Multimedia( )->Audio, it shown  
as below:  
Click Volume for sound Playback show Speakerdialog:  
PeerCall International Inc.  
Users Manual ---- PeerCallTM USB Adapter  
Click Volume for sound Recording show Wave INdialog  
PeerCall International Inc.  

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